Individual exhibitions: 

2014 | Espacios para Decir Lo Mismo. Festival PhotoMérida. Galería La Otra Banda, University of Los Andes (ULA).  Mérida, Venezuela.

2013 | Incessant Suicides. III Anniversary No Lugar. No Lugar, Contemporary Art. Quito, Ecuador.

2011 | Suicidio Incesantes. Galería Espacio MAD, Complejo Cultural Los Galpones, Caracas, Venezuela.

Group exhibitions:

2019 | Jóvenes con FIA, Iberoamerican Art Fair, Honorific Mention. Nomads: living in a world in transformation. Curator Humberto Valdivieso. Centro Cultural UCAB (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello). Caracas, Venezuela.

2018 | 233: La Conciencia del Lugar. Curator Elizabeth Marín. Galería Espacio Proyecto Libertad (Space-Freedom-Project Gallery). Mérida, Venezuela.

2018 | Résistance, Tobe Gallery. Budapest, Hungry.

2017 | Arte en Emergencia, Rhizome Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2017 | La Transferencia del Sentido: Un diálogo entre Arte, Ciencia y Erotismos (The Transfer of Meaning: A dialogue between Art, Science and Eroticism). Festival de Arte Hybrid (Hybrid Art Festival). Curator Tania Gonzlez. Rhizome Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2016 | Curiositas. Curator Gerardo Zavarce. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia (MACZUL). Maracaibo, Venezuela.

2016 | Muestra Itinerante: FotoFémina. Curator Benjamín Villares. Museo de Arte de Acarigua, Centro de Arte El Hatillo y el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia (MACZUL). Acarigua, Caracas and Maracaibo, Venezuela.

2015 | Salón Banesco Jóvenes con FIA. Iberoamerican Art Fair of Caracas. Metaphors of emergency or the Medusa’s rafts. Curator Gerardo Zavarce. Cultural Los Galpones. Caracas, Venezuela.

2015 | Sintaxis. Curator Josefina Manrique. Sala Mendoza, Metropolitan University. Caracas, Venezuela.

2015 | La Doubt: Questions around the conceptualism of the body in Venezuela. In the framework of the first International Performance Biennial of Caracas (BIPCA 2015). Project by P3 Plataforma para Performance. Organized by Carlos Salazar Lermont and Erika Ordosgoitti. Made possible thanks to Sala Mendoza, Goethe Institut, Embassy of Poland, Alcaldía Sucre, Alcaldía El Hatillo, La Pizarra, Centro de Arte El Hatillo, Centro de Arte Los Galpones, Oficina #1, VLC Hosting, Art Connection, The Chill Concept and Fundación República de Guarimure. El Hatillo Art Center. Caracas, Venezuela.

2015 | Caracas Horizontal. Curator Ernesto Guevara. La Caja Gallery, Chacao Cultural Center. Caracas, Venezuela.

2014 | Panorámica: Arte Emergente en Venezuela 2000/2012. Curator Félix Suazo.  Sponsored by Fundación Telefónica. TAC Gallery, at Centro Cultural Trasnocho. Caracas, Venezuela.

2013 | Salón Jóvenes con FIA 2.0. Iberoamerican Art Fair of Caracas. Save as…Curated by Lisa Blackmore. Caracas, Venezuela.

2013 | United for Art. First AIAP Regional Meeting of Latin America and the Caribbean. Alfredo Atala Boulos Art Gallery. Lebanese Center. DF, Mexico.

2012 | Zosial Body Action, Didactic Exhibition. Curators Ender Rodríguez, Oscurraldo and Hector Baptista. Fototeca. San Cristobal, Venezuela.

2012 | 1st Edition, Art is Auctioned for a Smile. Curator Gerardo Zavarce. Made possible thanks to Fundación Telefónica. San Juan de Dios Hospital. Caracas, Venezuela.

2011 | Salón de Fotografía de Caracas.  Curator Félix Suazo. Caracas, Venezuela.

2011 | Arte Joven Venezolano I. Galería 39. Curator Pedro Terán. Caracas, Venezuela.

2011 | Muestra Itinerante: Forces, Lyon, Francia.

2010 | Retaking the red, Espacio MAD Gallery, Los Galpones Cultural Complex. Caracas, Venezuela.

2009 | Salón Supercable de Jóvenes con FIA (Iberoamerican Art Fair). Curator Gerardo Zavarce. Caracas, Venezuela.

2008 | Pavilion on horseback: culture without complexes. Curator Carles Poy. Made possible by the Embassy of Spain and AECID. Periférico Caracas, Luis Peraza Theater and La ONG. Caracas, Venezuela.

Transmedia Actions:

Gala Garrido has been invited to participate in national and international projects.

2021 | A.I.R. Virtual Post Poetry action. Along with Enrique Enriquez and Elizabetta Balasso. Organized by Mafe Izaguirre. Made possible by Queens Council on the Arts and Jerome Foundation.  Invited communities: LIC-A Long Island City Artists and La ONG. Via Zoom. NY, USA.

2021 | Take over at La Concha Acústica. Guest artist for a week. Intervention via Instagram. Mexico.

2021 | Poetic action. Ulysses the cat, Hanni Ossott. Transfer Order. Argentina.

2015 | Philosophy of the Dresser: Homage to Sade. Along with Rolando Peña, Vladimir Vera and Nelson Garrido & Ana Chin-A-Loy. La ONG. Caracas, Venezuela.

2015 | Barthes, Mon Amour. Collaborative virtual project. Organized by Beto Gutierrez. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2014 | Nuestra Señora del Jabillo. Along with Willy Mckey, Jimmy Flamante, Juan Carlos Gómez, Tabire Diaz and Tibisay Guerra. Made possible thanks to the support of El Enroque TLP and La ONG. Trasnocho Lounge, Trasnocho Cultural Foundation. Caracas, Venezuela.

2011 | A Season in Hell: Homage to Carlos Contramaestres, Homage to Necrophilia. Along with Rolando Peña, Giovanna Esperandai, Nelson Garrido, Andrea Pedron, Mariangelica Ramirez, Miosothis Pineda, Nicolas Mendiz, Vladimir Vera, Caracaos, Fedora Freites and Alvise Sacchi. La ONG. Caracas, Venezuela.

Conferences, Seminars and Talks:

Gala Garrido has been invited as speaker in national and international seminars, congresses and talks to present her work and research on visual art and poetry.

2022 | Photographers LATAM. Together with Vera Lentz (Peru), Carla Motto (Chile), Celeste Martínez (Argentina), Mayra Martell (Mexico) and Natasha Pons (Chile). 1st International Festival FOTOLATINA 2022. Organized by Terapia Fotográfica. Via Zoom. Nuevo León, Mexico.

2021 | Incessant Suicides. Organized by Terapia Fotográfica. Via Zoom. Lima, Peru.

2020 | Photography, Body and Dissidence. With Pedro Marrero. Organized by Elisabetta Balasso. Photography and Visual Culture. Department of Integral Development. Metropolitan University. Caracas, Venezuela.

2020 | Cycle of meeting «Politics of memory: the rarx in the archives«. Organized by Arqchivo Rarx Latinoamérica. Via Instagram. Brazil.

2020 | Historical background of the LGBTI rights movement in Venezuela. Organized by Provea and Desiguales. Via Zoom. Caracas, Venezuela.

2020 | Porn Lives: Your sexuality in quarantine. Via zoom. Lima, Peru.

2020 | We Are Separated, But We Are Together. Organized by Uberbau_house. Via Instagram. Brazil.
Link: https://vimeo.com/425288515

2019 | Poetry without words. Along with Yolanda Pantin and Pamela Rahn. Organized by Jacqueline Goldberg. La Poeteca Foundation. Caracas, Venezuela.

2019 | The possibility of the we: weaving, action, memory, future. 1st Cycle of knowledge and activism. Organized by Provea, Laboratorio de Paz and Sin Mordaza. Caracas, Venezuela.

2018 | Thea Segall and women photographers in Venezuela. Along with Lorena González and Johana Pérez Daza. Sala Trasnocho Arte Contacto (TAC) at the Trasnocho Cultural Foundation. Caracas, Venezuela.

2018 | Orange Economy, PechaKucha 20×20. Chacao Cultural Center Theater. Caracas, Venezuela.
Link: https://www.pechakucha.com/users/gala-garrido

2017-2018 | Latin American Meeting of Residency Models (Virtual Platform). Organized by VADB. Brazil.

2017 | Encounter #1: Experiences in artistic residencies, exchange policies and craft practices. Organized by La Fundación Cisneros/Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros. Los Galpones Art Center. Caracas, Venezuela.

2017 | Spaces for Resilience. Cycle of talks, Imagine and Act, Design for Democracy. Organized by Prodiseño. Cabrujas Theater. Caracas, Venezuela.

2016 | Conversations with Camille Claudel, Gala Garrido. Organized by the group Teatro Nueva Era. Center for Latin American Studies Rómulos Gallegos (CELARG). Caracas, Venezuela.

2015 | Photography and social mutations. PRISMA Critical Conversations. Along with Diana Rangel. Organized by Textvra. Made possible thanks to the support of Movistar and British Council. Banco del Libro. Caracas, Venezuela.

2015 | Incessant Suicides. La Caníbal Bookstore. Barcelona, Spain.

2015 | Put one’s foot in it. El Palomar. Barcelona, Spain.

2015 | Incessant Suicides. Organized by Espacio Fotográfico Cubo7 as part of the exhibition «Barco Encallado» by Fina Gómez. Hacienda La Trinidad Cultural Park. Caracas, Venezuela.

2014 | E-CO 14 (Iberoamerican Meeting of Photographic Collectives). Organized by Estudio Madalena. Santos, Brazil.

2013 | Seminar Fundación Cisneros: Promises of the Public. Aula Magna, Central University of Venezuela (UCV). Caracas, Venezuela.
Link: https://www.coleccioncisneros.org/es/seminario/2013

2011 | Incessant Suicide. Espacio MAD Gallery, Centro de Arte Los Galpones. Caracas, Venezuela.

2011 | Social Fridays. Taller Multinacional. Mexico City, Mexico.


2019 | Nuevo país de la fotografía Tomo II (New country of photography Volume II). Compiler Antonio López Ortega. Banesco Publishing Fund. Caracas, Venezuela.

2017 | A Goddess in Motion, Visual Creativity in the Cult of María Lionza. Roger Canals. Berghahn Books. New York, USA.

2015 | #GenteQueEmprende (#PeopleWhoEntrepreneur). Editorial coordination Lorena González, Consuelo DiCarlo and Maribel Osorio. Banesco Publishing Fund. Caracas, Venezuela.

2014 | VV.AA.: Panorámica, Arte emergente en Venezuela 2000-2012 (VV.AA.: Panoramic, Emerging Art in Venezuela 2000-2012). Author Félix Suazo. Telefonica Foundation. Caracas, Venezuela.

2013 | Gente que hace escuela, Distrito Capital (People who make school, Capital District). Compiler Antonio López Ortega. Banesco Publishing Fund. Caracas, Venezuela.

2013 | Santa al Vacío (Saint into the Void). Authors Willy Mckey and Gala Garrido. Caracas Horizontal. Caracas, Venezuela.

2011 | Suicidios Incesantes (Incessant Suicides). La Cucaracha Ilustrada publishing fund in collaboration with Espacio MAD gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.

Cultural Management and Curatorship:

Between 2010 and 2022, Gala Garrido was the General Director of the self-managed cultural space La ONG (Nelson Garrido Organization), based in Las Acacias, Caracas, Venezuela.

As cultural manager, Gala’s strategic vision has been defined by her commitment and dedication to the development of a local and international and interdisciplinary community of creative talents within the arts, music, photography, theater, performance, among other fields. Her role ranged from the coordination of exhibitions, events, meetings, seminars, talks, plays, performances, and concerts, to the design and management of a professional development program in photography that took place every year. La ONG had three different exhibition spaces, that hosted more than twelve exhibitions per year. Garrido was in charge of selecting artists, the curatorship of the shows, and in some cases, of producing the exhibitions. Among the workshops dictated by Garrido stand out: Everyday life and Eroticism, Dialogue Made Noise, Fashion Photography and Basic Photography I, II and III, Analogic Laboratory Techniques, Photography Lighting Techniques, and Photography History. 

Since 2021, Garrido has been one of the guest curators of the collision Don’t Delete Art with the artists Spencer Tunick, Savannah Spirit, Osman Can Yerebakan and Gruenholtz. This project is a global collaboration between institutions such as NCAC (U.S National Coalition Against Censorship), Free Muse, Article 19, Bex Collection, among others.


Gala Garrido in collaboration with diverse artists, poets, curators and writers, has been the editor in chief of the Independent Editorial Fund La Cucaracha Ilustrada, which has produced printed and digital publications ranging from artists’ books, fundamental texts of literature and art, and other experimental poetic and essayist artifacts.

The project also had a foothold on the website of La ONG, a large repository on contemporary art in which various Venezuelan researchers come together and published reflections on the image. La ONG’s Blog also included an archive of portfolios of national and international artists. Garrido has a column in the blog named Leitmotiv, around contemporary photography.

During 2014, Gala Garrido conducted a series of interviews for Contrapunto Magazine, in its section: Contraposición. 

Art Direction / Theatre:

Garrido has ventured into Art Direction in a variety of theatre productions. She has collaborated with the Forte Theatre Group. 

2015 | De que Hablo Cuando Hablo de Ella, written by Gustavo Ott, Gennys Pérez, Pablo Ley and Carlos Be. Directed by Vladimir Vera. Caracas, Venezuela.

2013 | Goya, written by Rodrigo García. Directed by Vladimir Vera. Caracas, Venezuela.

2012 | Versus, written by Rodrigo García. Directed by Vladimir Vera. Caracas, Venezuela.

2011 | Amén, written by Carlos Be. Directed by Vladimir Vera. Caracas, Venezuela.

Art Direction / Audiovisual:

2015 | Mesmerizing Gun, Videoclip, Sexy Bicycle. Direction by Nicolás Manzano. Caracas, Venezuela.

2014 | Ninguna Parte Obtiene lo que se Merece. Direction by Vladimir Vera. Caracas, Venezuela.

2013 | Al Otro Lado de la cámara. Direction by Vladimir Vera. Caracas, Venezuela.

2012 | Pornostar. Direction by Vladimir Vera. Caracas, Venezuela.


Garrido has also been invited to participate as a juror in various national and international calls for awards, artist residencies and competitions.

2022 | XIII Edition of the Encounter for Cinephiles. Film-art festival on the border. Organized by Fundación Cultural Bordes  and the Cine-Club of the Universidad de Los Andes (ULA). Táchira, Venezuela.

2020 | Open call, Vidas Porno: your sexuality in quarantine. Jury selection in the photography category. Lima, Peru.

2020 | Festival Juvenil de Artes Escénicas Breve 2020 (JAEC). Petare Musical Theater School. Caracas, Venezuela.

2017 | Artist residency program in Venezuela for foreigners. El Avispero Arts Residency. Cúa, Venezuela.

2017 | 8th National Salon of Coexistence 2017. Selection jury in the category Urban Art/Graffiti. Organized by Espacio Anna Frank. Caracas, Venezuela.

2016 | GAMA National Contest of artistic photography. Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

2016 | Salón Octubre Joven 2016. Art Museum of Valencia. Valencia, Venezuela.

2015 | Antibienal de Artes Gráficas de Caracas (ABAGC). La ONG. Caracas, Venezuela.

2015 | Photography Contest #GenteQueEmprende. Banesco Banco Universal. Caracas, Venezuela.

2015 | Festival FILA (Festival of Imaginaries of the Arts). Jury selection in the photography category. Caracas, Venezuela.

2014 | Call for entries for the book: A través del espejo. Mundo Foto. Lima, Perú.


2022 | Todo era verdad: las iniciales eran ONG (It was all true: the initials were La ONG). Milagros Socorro. Prodavinci. Venezuela.

2022 | La celebración más triste (The saddest celebration). Inger Pedreañez. Prodavinci. Venezuela.

2022 | Gala Garrido: Apuntes sobre el hastío (Gala Garrido: Annotations on the Boredom). Underexposed Magazine. USA.

2022 | Interview, María Angelina Castillo. Gala Garrido: Hemos heredado una gran confusión (Gala Garrido: We have inherited a great confusion). El Diario Newspaper. Caracas, Venezuela.

2022 | Issue#2, Uncensored, the Newsletter of Don’t Delete Art. Editors Savannah Spirit and Emma Shapiro. USA.

2022 | Interview, Carlos Egaña. Making Art Amid Mayhem. North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA). USA.

2022 | Interview, José Pulido. Gala Garrido: el cuerpo es una biblioteca, es un jardín (Gala Garrido: the body is a library, it is a garden). Letralia Magazine. Caracas, Venezuela.

2022 | Interview, José Pulido. Gala Garrido: el cuerpo es una biblioteca, es un jardín (Gala Garrido: the body is a library, it is a garden). Creando en Salamandra Magazine. Spain.

2021 | Issue#48, Poesía Magazine. Caracas, Venezuela.

2021 | Anotaciones sobre el placer en los procesos de trabajo II (Notes on pleasure in work processes II). Mollusca: Substrate of creation and research. Art, pleasure and thought. Caracas, Venezuela.

2021 | Interviews, Thamara Bryson. Las flores del bien (The flowers of goodness). Francia.

2021 | Issue#15, ArtHole Magazine, print edition, UK.

2021 | Cover Image. Fever, Amarú Vanegas. Wild Museum Collection, New York Poetry Press. NY, USA.

2021 | Ulysses the cat, Hanni Ossott. Transfer Order. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2021 | Las Hetairas. Pornceptual, A visual study of unusual pornography. USA.

2020 | Interview, Alejandro Sebastiani. Vidas de La ONG (y III) (The ONG Lives (and III)). La Cueva Casa Editorial. Caracas, Venezuela.

2020 | Interview, Alejandro Sebastiani. Vidas de La ONG (II) (The ONG Lives (II)). La Cueva Casa Editorial. Caracas, Venezuela.

2020 | Interview, Alejandro Sebastiani. Vidas de La ONG (I) (The ONG Lives (I)). La Cueva Casa Editorial. Caracas, Venezuela.

2020 | Carpetas (Folders). Project by Diego Arregui Desulovich and Julián Barón García. Peru and Spain.

2019 | Hoja de artista Gala Garrido (Artist sheet Gala Garrido). Fundación Sala Mendoza. Caracas, Venezuela.

2019 | Poesía e Imagen (Poetry and Image). Interview by Kira Kariakin, Jorge Gómez Jiménez and Yoyiana Ahumada. Interview by Kira Kariakin, Jorge Gómez Jiménez and Yoyiana Ahumada . Librería Sónica. Radio Caracas Radio. Caracas, Venezuela.

2019 | Atrapadas por la historia: Las Hetairas, los raros enunciados femeninos de Gala Garrido (Trapped by history: The Hetairas, the rare feminine statements of Gala Garrido). Elizabeth Marín Hernández. Fundación Sala Mendoza. Caracas, Venezuela.

2019 | The Bacchae: The Feminization of Violence. Introduction by Elizabeth Marín Hernández, PhD. Translated by Daniel Esparza. ROOM: A Sketchbook for Analytic Action. NY, USA.

2018 | La Feminización de la Violencia, Las Bacantes de Gala Garrido (The Feminization of Violence, The Bacchantes of Gala Garrido). Dr. Elizabeth Marín Hernández, PhD. VADB. Brazil.

2018 | Bex Authors. Bex Latin American Photography. Argentina.

2017 | Guía para «hybridarse» en la escena alternativa madrileña (Guide to «hybridize» in Madrid’s alternative scene). Javier Díaz-Guardiola. Siete de un Golpe column. ABC Cultural. Madrid, Spain.

2016 | Interview, Dulce Katz. Gala Garrido, Lo Normal para Mí (Gala Garrido, The Normal for Me). Epix. Caracas, Venezuela.

2016 | Interview, Michelle Bolet. Gala Garrido: una artista desde antes de nacer (Gala Garrido: an artist before she was born). Guayoyoyo en Letras. Caracas, Venezuela.

2015 | Interview, Mafe Izaguirre. Gala Garrido: Mi vida es una investigación sin fin (Gala Garrido: My life is an endless research). CervezaZulia.com, Venezuelan cultural magazine sponsored by Cerveza Zulia. Caracas, Venezuela.

2015 | Interview, Mariokissme and R. Marcos Mota. Put One Foot in it, Gala Garrido. EL Palomar. Barcelona, Spain.

2015 | Interview, Melanio Escobar and Rafael Uzcategui. Gala Garrido: fotografías selectas (Gala Garrido: selected photographs). Humano Derecho Radio. Caracas, Venezuela.

2015 | Interview, Oitenta Mundos. E·CO Santos. Brazil.

2015 | El anzuelo en la memoria (The hook in the memory). Literary Paper. El Nacional Newspaper. Caracas, Venezuela.

2015 | Interview, Sergio Moreno González. La resistencia se manifiesta en una antibienal (Resistance manifests itself in an antibiena)l. First Row. El Nacional Newspaper. Caracas, Venezuela.

2014 | Interview, Alice Speri. Why More People Are Murdered in Caracas Than in Baghdad. Vice News. USA.

2014 | Foto Féminas, Interview with Gala Garrido. Literary Paper. El Nacional Newspaper. Caracas, Venezuela.

2013 | Gala Garrido’s «I wanna be loved by you». Juxtapoz Magazine. USA.

2013 | Interview, Oriana Rivas. Gala de Curiosidades (Curiosities Gala). Periódico D-Day. Caracas, Venezuela.

2013 | Santa al Vacío (Saint into the Void). Gala Garrido and Willy Mckey. Fragment, Caracas Horizontal. El Nacional newspaper. Caracas, Venezuela.

2012 | Interview, José Pulido. La vida es una cámara (Life is a camera). El Mundo Newspaper. Caracas, Venezuela.

2012 | Un espacio para curiosos (A space for the curious). Todo en Domingo Magazine. Newspaper El Nacional. Caracas, Venezuela.

2012 | Interview, Rafael Barragan. Gala Garrido: La comandante del barco pirata (Gala Garrido: The commander of the pirate ship). Issue#14, Zipper Magazine. Caracas, Venezuela.

2011 | Photo Essay. Edition#9. Ojo Magazine, University Culture. Caracas, Venezuela.

2011 | Interview, Gerardo Zavarce. Gala Garrido: Suicidios Incesantes (Gala Garrido: Incessant Suicides). Globedia.com. Caracas, Venezuela.

2008 | Tres propuestas para redefinir el arte (Three proposals to redefine art). Marco Bell. Newspaper El Nacional. Caracas, Venezuela.

2007 | Portafolios. Edición#13, Revista Plátano Verde. Caracas, Venezuela.