Boceto - Manual para la buena ama de casa

Artist Statement

I want to fight disconnection, creating a space for empathy. I want to fight anxiety and neurosis in the face of contemporary loneliness by putting others inside of me. I want to cohabitate, to stop being foreigners, in and among ourselves.

Stripping ourselves of the apparent limits that distance us, I want to reconnect with my fellow human(s) in our spiritual journeys. Meeting them in Freedom. Therefore, I create a performative game of superimpositions and masks, in which I blur the limits of the identification process. The veils between my projections and those of my characters confuse, as well as my body and theirs. This post-poetic act of self-representation as plural is the transversal axis of my work.

My main interest is the exploration of power and eroticism on the arts, from the feminine perspective. I use photography as a material and medium to represent the dynamic fiction/reality around gender identity. First, placing reality as a proof of life, irreversible, and from which the experience derives. Then, creating fiction as a vicarious product of reality, which allows us to go back, observing and reformulating individuality and context.